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            MySQL to MSSQL Database Converter

            MySQL to MSSQL Database Converter software convert database records created in MySQL server to MSSQL database server. Database conversion tool convert selected or entire MySQL database records into MSSQL Database and save at user specified location.

            Software provide facility to convert views, Indexes with all necessary attributes. Database Converter Software is also having "Classic Mode" option to convert 4.1 or earlier version of MySQL database.

            MySQL to MSSQL Database Converter

            Enter all required fields to establish Connection between MySQL and MSSQL server

               Software Convert:
            MySQL database records into MSSQL database records.
            Views, indexes with all necessary attributes.
            Selected or entire database table records to MSSQL database server.
               Software Features:
            Provide conversion of large volume database record or particular database table’s record from MySQL to MSSQL database format.
            Software fully supports MySQL database server key constraints, data types, attributes, indexes.
            You can connect MS SQL and MySQL server locally or remotely.
            Maintains database integrity and accuracy with full install/uninstall support.
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